2006_01_hitrunphoto.jpgA funeral service was held yesterday for NYU grad student Hannah Engle, who died over the weekend from a hit-and-run on East 14th Street. While her family and friends mourned, there are some interesting new details about what may have happened. CBS News reported that some prosecution sources say Wole Parks, who was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license, and DWI, "wasn't speeding, and he had the light." Further, that though he had been drinking, when he turned himself in at a Greenpoint police station hours after the accident, his blood alcohol was normal. Plus, Engle did not have the light when she was in the street. Sounds like it may have been a terrible mix: Bad, impaired driving along a busy street and people going about their usual business of jaywalking.

NYU News on Engle.

Photograph from the NY Post