2006_09_128e13.jpgIt's another battle of old versus new. The Post reports that the Landmarks Preservation Commission is trying to prevent the demolition of the city's last horse-and-carriage building. The building at 126-128 East 13th Street, the old Van Tassel & Kearney Horse Mart, is supposed to be replaced by a modern seven floor building. But a demolition permit hasn't been issued (though construction permits have been) - enter the LPC. Preservation Perspectives has information about Thursday's meeting, which is at 1 Centre Street, starting at 1:30PM. It's a shame that the developers didn't want to preserve the building and want to demolish the building instead (though they simply want more floors to eventually sell). Who knows, but it does look like the LPC wants to save 103 year old carriage houses while Modernist buildings like 2 Columbus Circle seem to be open for destruction.