So if you're inclined to roll a joint in the subway, you deserve to get arrested, right? Or at least go to rehab because you've got some serious crazed addiction to pot. This morning, Corie spotted what had to be the easiest arrest for marijuana possession in the history of the NYPD. She sums it up thusly:

He pulled some paper and weed from his coat pocket and proceeded to roll a number of joints.
The men across the car from me nudged one another, glancing slightly from their newspapers down the aisle. Then, as the train rolled into 116th Street, they quietly stood up, walked over the the corner where the boy sat rolling his goods, ever so slightly flashed their badges and cuffed him on the spot.

Now, starting the day off with a joint is okay by Gothamist, but come on! Have a little sense and at least roll at home or in some secluded area and not on the subway.

Has anyone else seen someone so bold in their usage of drugs?