A 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Ontario caused multiple buildings shake from tremors in NYC, New Jersey, and as far away as Ohio. There are no reports of injuries or damage in NYC at this time, but who knows, maybe this is only the beginning. According to the United States Geological Survey's Earthquake Hazards Program, it started at 1:41:42 p.m., was centered near the Ontario-Quebec border, and its epicenter was closer to Montreal and Ottawa than to Toronto, where "plenty of buildings were evacuated in the immediate aftermath of the quake," Torontoist reports.

The tremors were also felt in upstate New York and Albany, where some buildings reportedly shook for about 20-30 seconds, and were interpreted as a sign from God that lawmakers ought to pass a budget, or suffer the consequences. (At press time, lawmakers were behind close doors debating the merits of annihilation vs. action.)

Here's a look back at the NYC Earthquake of 1884, which had a magnitude of 5.5, and was believed to be centered off Far Rockaway or Coney Island.