Staten Island Chuck, NYC's own weather-prognosticating groundhog, did not see his shadow this morning which means an early spring. And in keeping with the trend in the past few years, Punxsutawny Phil differed, seeing his shadow and dooming the Northeast to more cold weather. Well, if it's cold weather the way it has been the past few weeks, we'll take it! What's sad is that apparently people were booing Phil's forecast - he's just a groundhog, people! He rather spend his time digging up holes in your yard than working out the meteorology.


These photographs are from Jacob Bonk's Flickr photos- we salute you for waking up early (festivities started at 7:30AM!) to the Staten Island Zoo - and they show Senator Chuck Schumer and Staten Island Chuck. Clearly, tonight's movie programming should be Groundhog Day (and here are more groundhog day photos on Flickr). And here are Staten Island Chuck's predictions from last year and in 2004. Plus, here are Gothamist's Weather posts.