A mini-school bus with nine kids on board crashed head-on into a Capital One bank around 7:40 this morning as it made its way to Brooklyn Middle School Mark Twain. The nine students on board are reportedly fine while the driver suffered injuries from the crash and was taken to Lutheran Medical Center. The kids were taken to Coney Island Hospital as a precaution.

It is unclear what caused the accident. A representative of a company called SNL, which owns the bus, told the News that somebody rear-ended it but officials seem to be disputing that story. They also say that the icy roadway was not a factor. According to eyewitnesses the bus "sideswiped (three) cars, went up the curb and into the bank."

And before you go and worry about the children, we beg you to think of the car owners! "It's terrible. We're heartbroken," Jennifer Weinmeier, 26, whose Dodge Charger was part of the wreckage cried to the paper. "We came out and that was it—on the sidewalk, destroyed."