2007_03_election.jpgThe next mayoral election may be more than two years off, but it's never too soon to start courting the union vote, especially when it's the Transit Workers Union. The men and women who make sure the trains run on time have the ability to derail any politician's campaign, so Democratic hopefuls took turns addressing the rank and file at a TWU "Save Our Union" meeting yesterday.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn spoke of her grandfather's stints as a bus and trolley car driver. Rep. Anthony Weiner talked of strengthening the middle class. And Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion actually mentioned that all three of them were present because they were running for Mayor. Interesting! TWU President Roger Toussaint said, "Our reps and shop stewards see that we are not standing alone, that these most prominent elected officials stand by the TWU."

The meeting was necessitated by a penalty imposed following 2005's transit strike. Automatic payment of the union's dues ends on June 1st, and members will have to opt-in to payments following that date.

(Photo from jenchung's flickr photostream)