Early Addition: When The FDNY's Calendar Cat Big Sexy Goes Missing, There's Only One Dog For The Job

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  • During Trump's rally last night in El Paso, one of his supporters stormed the press platform and attacked a BBC cameraman: "The crowd had been whipped up into a frenzy against the media by Trump and other speakers all night," one BBC journalist noted.
  • With Trump in his backyard, Beto O'Rourke seized the opportunity to re-establish his footing as a potential presidential candidate.
  • According to a new poll, a majority of New York State residents actually support the Amazon deal.
  • Esquire chose Black History Month to launch their "Series on Growing Up in America Today" with a cover story about how hard it is to be a white, middle class, pro-Trump teenager.
  • The Times has a very compelling story about two European entrepreneurs who think they can remove carbon from the air at prices cheap enough to matter.
  • Chance the Rapper announced his new album will come out in July.
  • Headline of the morning: "Specially trained feline-sniffing golden retriever joins search for missing FDNY calendar cat Big Sexy."
  • Former White House communications aide and Trump White House tell-all writer Cliff Sims is suing Trump for his attempts to enforce a nondisclosure agreement signed by Sims when he worked for the Trump presidential campaign.
  • Aaaaand now I want to go eat at Spa 88, an underground Russian spa which also is a dining destination.
  • Mark Kelly, the former astronaut and gun-control activist who is married to Gabrielle Giffords, announced that he would run for Senate in Arizona as a Democrat.
  • Why did Cardi B delete her Instagram account last night?

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