Early Addition: Trump White House Escalates Fight Against Climate Change Consensus

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  • A former Trump campaign staffer says in a lawsuit and interview with the Washington Post that Trump kissed her without her consent right before the 2016 election.
  • "Psychics" are often just scammers who take advantage of the vulnerable, and John Oliver is ON IT.
  • The New Republic writes about ACS and parenting while poor: "New York City's child welfare agency has a reputation for unjustly targeting low-income families of color. Can it change?"
  • The Verge has a disturbing report on the lives of Facebook content moderators, where those who don't quit due to the trauma end up being radicalized by it.
  • The White House is reportedly setting up a panel to counter climate change consensus.
  • A muffin store boss complained that millennials just won't work for free to advance their careers anymore.
  • Check out the first trailer for FX's upcoming series Fosse/Verdon.
  • Elizabeth Warren has announced her campaign will not hold private fundraisers for wealthy donors, do "call time," or have any tiered system where those who pay more receive access.
  • Organizers of the upcoming Armory international art show have decided to relocate most of its exhibitors from damaged Pier 92, which has caused the cancellation of the show’s sister art fair, Volta.
  • The knitting community is reckoning with racism.
  • Here's a dispatch about Mayor de Blasio's trip to Iowa over the weekend: "Dude, I’m just warming up."
  • And finally, a star is born:

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