Early Addition: Russian Trolls Fueled Anti-Vax Debate On Twitter

Dashed Arrow Jen Chung/Gothamist

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  • Attorney General William Barr seems resigned to the fact that his reputation is going to plummet in history: "I am at the end of my career," Barr said. "Everyone dies and I am not, you know, I don't believe in the Homeric idea that you know, immortality comes by, you know, having odes sung about you over the centuries, you know?"
  • Who threw the first brick at Stonewall?
  • Eight co-champions are taking home the Scripps National Spelling Bee Cup after 20 rounds of heated spelling competition.
  • Russian trolls fueled the anti-vaccination "debate" in U.S. by spreading misinformation on (you guessed it) Twitter.
  • I guess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ted Cruz are Twitter friends now?
  • It's almost official: Robert Pattinson is gonna be The Batman.
  • A real priest wrote a review of the brilliant second season of Fleabag, and he had some harsh words for the Hot Priest.
  • Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren proposed legislation to make sure that a president can be indicted: "Congress should make it clear that Presidents can be indicted for criminal activity, including obstruction of justice,” Warren said. "And when I’m President, I’ll appoint Justice Department officials who will reverse flawed policies so no President is shielded from criminal accountability."
  • Oh no: an Alabama man is suing Delta Air Lines and one of its passengers after getting mauled by an emotional-support dog on a flight in 2017.
  • Can you spot what is wrong with this photo?
  • This is an utterly embarrassing list of "best" media tote bags that for some reason omits the greatest two tote bags in the history of bags.
  • And finally, only one of these dogs is a genius:

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