Early Addition: Rudy Giuliani Photographed With White Nationalist Mayoral Candidate

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  • Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, now has four confirmed people corroborating her claims.
  • And here's a look inside Kavanaugh's 1982 calendar, which he is planning to use as evidence.
  • Google might say they don't sell personal information, but they got around that by cutting a deal with Mastercard to track retail sales.
  • Thirteen women who came forward with stories of abuse and harassment, including Rosanna Arquette, Rebecca Corry, and Van Barnes, reflect on the last year of #MeToo.
  • Will Leitch writes about the misogynistic bros at Barstool Sports: "So no more standing idly by. Barstool Sports, as long as it has the founder that it does, is making the world a worse place. It is endorsing harassment and cruelty and bullying."
  • Speaking of terrible people, Rudy Giuliani was photographed with a White Nationalist mayoral candidate who distributed anti-Semitic literature.
  • The Rumpus founder Stephen Elliot wrote a self-pitying piece about how his career was ruined by an anonymous list—and then some of the women he harassed immediately called him out on Twitter.
  • Learn how the NYPD, FBI and Secret Service protect Trump while he's in town.
  • Last year, the frontman of indie band Pinegrove made a confusing statement about being accused of sexual coercion. Now, Pitchfork tries to make sense of what happened.
  • Despite having started a decade ago, The Great Recession has unequivocally affected the lives of Millennials today.
  • A married state senator in Texas has been accused of sending an explicit text message and a photo of his genitals to a University of Texas graduate student.
  • And finally, Bernese Mountain Dogs are precious angels:

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