Early Addition: Robert Mueller Talks, Walks

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  • Robert Mueller announced that he will be retiring from the Justice Department during his public statement today; he also reemphasized the report’s main findings, including the fact he made no decision on possible obstruction of justice because of a Justice Department policy on not indicting sitting presidents: "If we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so."
  • Listen to the new Sleater-Kinney single (produced by St. Vincent), "Hurry On Home."
  • The UPS somehow put 20 package recipients on a group text message when sending out package notifications, which then turned into a bar meet-up in Queens.
  • MORE PROOF THAT HAVING A DOG MAKES YOU A SLIGHTLY BETTER HUMAN BEING: "Dog owners spent close to 300 minutes each week walking with their dogs, about 200 more minutes of walking than people without dogs."
  • Of course Mitch McConnell said he would confirm a Supreme Court vacancy if it happened in 2020 during the election, backtracking his stance from 2016 when he refused to discuss Obama's pick, Merrick Garland.
  • The war over Trump's Wikipedia entry is pretty brutal.
  • Does this top 50 Cent for worst ceremonially first pitch ever?
  • Chris Kattan claims in his new memoir that Lorne Michaels pressured him into having sex with director Amy Heckerling in the '90s.
  • With the brilliant Fosse/Verdon ending last night, read an interview with their daughter Nicole Fosse.
  • This dog isn't dead, he just really likes napping in a lifeless pile of dog.
  • And finally, a totally normal exercise class:

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