Early Addition: How One Extremely Long Beam Brought New Yorkers Together

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  • Trump had another temper tantrum about Saturday Night Live this weekend, calling on the FCC to investigate the sketch comedy show for "collusion"... even though it was a rerun.
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates talked to NY Magazine about race, the 2020 election, and why he's an optimist now.
  • Legendary surf rock pioneer Dick Dale has died at 81.
  • 'Egg Boy,' the New Zealand teen who cracked a raw egg over disgraced Australian politician Fraser Anning's head over the weekend, will donate most of the money raised for him towards the victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks.
  • One extremely long beam being navigated through the subway system brought New Yorkers together on Friday.
  • A man was arrested for allegedly pistol-whipping two men and a woman with a stolen, loaded gun during a brawl outside an Irish pub in Midtown just after the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.
  • MySpace confirmed that it lost over 50 million songs uploaded between 2003-2015.
  • Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy has been accused in a lawsuit of coercing a woman into having an abortion after getting her pregnant.
  • Gov. Cuomo claims he doesn't run the MTA, but he does send MTA workers scrambling to clean the subways just for laughs.
  • Rebecca Traister talked to Stacey Abrams about what her next political move may be.
  • John Oliver explored the complicated issue of public shaming, and also called out Jay Leno for his treatment of Monica Lewinsky and recent calls for civility: "Those jokes have not dated well in any sense of the word, and they’re pretty rough — especially coming from a guy who just this week complained about late-night TV, saying he’d ‘like to see a bit of civility come back.’ You know, like that time that he did a bit with a fake book about Lewinsky titled The Slut in the Hat," Oliver said. "And if that’s what he means by ‘civility,’ may I offer my new book Oh, the Places You Can Go Fuck Yourself, Jay Leno!"
  • And finally, something went very wrong here:

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