Early Addition: Hell Is A SoHo Penthouse Made Just For Instagram Influencers

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  • Democrats are demanding more information about the Kavanaugh inquiry’s scope, warning that its apparent constraints could make it a “farce.”
  • James Comey wrote an op-ed for the Times saying that despite the limitations and partisan attacks, he believes the bureau can find out a lot about the Kavanaugh accusations in a week.
  • “I thought it was going to be an investigation,” a Yale classmate of Brett Kavanaugh and Deborah Ramirez told The New Yorker, of the F.B.I.’s renewed inquiry. “But instead it seems it’s just an alibi for Republicans to vote for Kavanaugh.”
  • The Intercept noted that despite testifying that he had "no connections" to Yale, his grandfather went there and was even buried there.
  • This point-by-point argument comprehensively explains that Kavanaugh was lying, and that the only question at this point is whether he should just be impeached, or impeached and prosecuted for perjury.
  • RIP Charles Aznavour, the "Frank Sinatra of France."
  • Hell is real, and it has a “millennial pink” sofa.
  • Check out the first teaser trailer for the Elton John biopic Rocketman.
  • Fast Company has an oral history of the restaurant guide Zagat
  • Jemele Hill will be joining The Atlantic as a staff writer covering sports, race, politics, and culture for both the magazine and website.
  • Heather Havrilesky wrote about love for The NY Times.
  • The new season of Black Mirror is reportedly being released in December.
  • And finally, unleash the hounds:

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