Early Addition: Finally, A Relatable Article About The Superwealthy Taking Care Of Their Superyachts

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  • Was this the worst Super Bowl in recent history? Will Leitch certainly thinks so: "It was so fascinating, during the dreary, relentlessly dull Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta last night, how many far more interesting things seemed to be happening elsewhere."
  • According to leaked schedules, Trump has spent about 60% of his time as president in "Executive Time," a.k.a. watching TV, tweeting, and calling up friends on the phone.
  • Here is a very relatable story about how people with superyachts have to watch out for wine corks and unruly children.
  • The New Yorker has a big longread about suspense novelist Dan Mallory who apparently is a pathological liar and a scammer.
  • What if the world is actually running out of people? "In roughly three decades, the global population will begin to decline. Once that decline begins, it will never end."
  • Liam Neeson told a disturbing, very uncomfortable personal anecdote about rape, racism and rage during an interview for his newest movie.
  • Rapper 21 Savage was arrested by ICE, who say he is a UK citizen who came to the US as a teen in 2005 and never left.
  • Demi Lovato shut down her Twitter account after users piled on criticism of her laughing at memes about 21 Savage.
  • Ana Maria Archila, the Queens woman who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator about Brett Kavanaugh, will be Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s State of the Union guest on Tuesday.
  • Did you watch the awesome new Netflix series Russian Doll this weekend? If so, read this Vulture article about addiction and time-loops.
  • And finally, that's the good shit:

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