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  • Nepotism and lying were the main stars of the second night of the Republican National Convention. Or as Jezebel succinctly put it, "Every Demon Wore Their Best Human Suit at the Republican National Convention."
  • I take it back, the real winner of last night's RNC were people who blatantly violate the Hatch Act, which bars federal employees from using their authority to influence the election of a presidential candidate.
  • Are you feeling anxious about the fall? You're not alone: "Throughout the city, between the elbow bumps and happy hours, lurked a deep and intense anxiety over what might lie ahead, as summer gave way to autumn and a new rash of frightening unknowns."
  • Aaron Coleman, the misogynist 19-year-old abuser who is running for office in Kansas, said that he should be forgiven for blackmailing a classmate with nude photos when he was younger. But an ex-girlfriend says he physically assaulted her in the past year.
  • The Atlantic has launched a series from E. Jean Carroll this week about the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment or rape.
  • Heartwarming story of the day to help lower your blood pressure in the midst of all these awful stories: a lesbian penguin couple living in Valencia, Spain, recently adopted an egg, which has now hatched.
  • Three banquet halls in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood are apparently hosting Hasidic Jewish wedding parties with hundreds of maskless guests.
  • Relatedly, Vox examines what causes superspreading clusters, why they are such a key driver of the pandemic, and whether anything can be done to stop them.
  • Yale Law Professor Jed Rubenfeld, husband of Brett Kavanaugh defender and "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua, has been suspended for two years for sexual harassment which spanned decades, "included verbal harassment, unwanted touching, and attempted kissing, both in the classroom and at parties at Rubenfeld’s home."
  • Listen to Yo La Tengo's cover of The Byrds' classic "Wasn't Born To Follow," from their upcoming Sleepless Night EP.
  • And finally, it's great to have a hobby:
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