Early Addition: A Masterclass In How To Interview Former Trump Lackeys

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  • Trump is at war with his own intelligence advisors yet again, calling them "naive" even though he is dangerously stubborn: "Senior intelligence officials have said that it's extremely difficult to convince Trump he is wrong about something, no matter how much evidence they can put in front of him. He believes what he believes."
  • The Times has a piece about the important reconsideration of Lorena "Bobbitt" Gallo in anticipation of the new docuseries on her: "I’ll put myself through the jokes and everything as long as I can shine a light on domestic violence and sexual assault and marital rape."
  • What do bartenders think about "Dry January?"
  • Isaac Chotiner puts on a masterclass of how to interview a former Trump staffer trying to cash-in on his time at the White House: "You have written a book that is going to be a best-seller. You say the President is not a racist. You say you are a communications strategist, you’re selling yourself as a smart guy, and you are telling me you don’t know what birtherism was about. So I am asking you what birtherism is about."
  • Judd Apatow will direct Pete Davidson in a semi-autobiographical comedy based on Davidson's life growing up on Staten Island.
  • Upper West Side residents are apparently shelling out $120 a month each for private security guards to patrol their neighborhood from the homeless.
  • Here's a fun piece about the rise of "swearnerds."
  • The Daily Beast writes about how Donald Trump Jr.'s fixer Arthur Schwartz wages war with the media.
  • 40 degrees one day, 4 degrees the next: we are living in an age of extreme weather changes.
  • Peter Jackson will direct a documentary about the making of The Beatles' Let It Be.
  • Another reason why I'm never going to Australia: a woman was bitten by a 5-foot python hiding in her toilet bowl in Queensland.
  • And finally, we need more of these in NYC:

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