Good Tuesday morning in New York City, where Kevin Durant might be high right now. Here's what else is happening:

  • Data from the NYPD indicates that traffic crashes are more likely to occur during the overnight and weekend hours when automated speed and red-light cameras are turned off, a detail that may (or may not) prompt lawmakers in Albany to allow cameras to stay on 24/7.
  • The Brooklyn Museum has reopened its wing of 19th and 20th century European art with added context about the racist and misogynistic nature of some of the work by white male artists.
  • In other art news, The Public Hotel is hosting a show of drawings that famed scammer Anna Delvey made while in ICE detention.
  • A New Jersey saga that needs the longform blurb: Bordentown Township Police last month responded to a call about a drunk driver who'd hit a mailbox; the cops found the driver lying on the street behind his pickup truck with his pants down, and proceeded to poke fun at him; then they turned their cameras off while they searched his car; when they turned their cameras back on, they started calling him "chief" and acting deferential; and finally, they arrested him for drunk driving and leaving the scene of property damage. Turns out, the driver was their boss, Chief Brian Pesce, who'd ascended to the top job back in 2018 after starting a disciplinary investigation into his previous boss for using the n-word, which ultimately led to that chief getting a 28-month prison sentence for federal hate crimes. Bordentown Township!
  • A major hotel housekeepers' union wants hotel guests to start requesting daily cleaning services in order to keep housekeepers employed, and also to make their jobs easier. (It's stressful and time-consuming for staff to clean a room that's gone days without a sweep.)
  • According to data from the company NewsWhip, the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial is getting about five times the amount of social media engagement as any of the news about abortion.
  • California is building a bridge for mountain lions and other wildlife to be able to safely cross highway 101 in Los Angeles.
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  • And finally, not in the mood: