All good things have to end sometime. The last three days of hot weather were not enough to overcome last week's cool spell so August fell 0.3 degrees out of a top ten finish. That ends a remarkable streak of five months in their respective hottest top tens. We can take warm comfort in knowing that the past three months are the warmest summer on record in Central Park and that the year so far trails only 1991 in the warmest year ever contest. September is off to a blazing start with the high expected to be the record of 97 this afternoon.

Tomorrow will see a final day of hot weather. Hot and unbearably humid weather with a high in the low 90s. By tomorrow night the ridging that made the heat possible will have moved east and broken down. Before a cold front can swoop down here and clear out the humidity we've got to deal with Hurricane Earl.

It currently looks like Earl will pass far enough to the southeast that the city will only get a glancing blow on Friday. The eastern end of Long Island won't be so lucky. Watch out for coastal erosion and huge swells. Some brisk, yes brisk, weather should arrive behind the cyclone. The Labor Day weekend is shaping up to be sunny, breezy and cool.