As grassroots activists around New York City flex the might of people power against the Trump regime and seek to take back the Democratic Party for the left, fanfiction writers at the Daily News are dreaming about a battle for U.S. Senate between two scions of crumbling political dynasties: Chelsea Clinton and Caroline Kennedy.

In a thinly sourced story Friday, the News quoted a "source who has had a longstanding relationship with both the Clinton and Kennedy families" speculating that the former First Daughter and Millennial Icon Clinton is eyeing the seat of current Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. This is all built on separate speculation that Gillibrand might be interested in challenging President Trump in 2020 (if there are still elections), in which case her seat would either open up in 2018, or, if she held onto it and won the presidency (we're thinking way way too far into the future, people), would have to be filled by the governor (TBD or a very bitter Andrew Cuomo).

The evidence that Clinton wants to run for office? That Twitter argument she had with Kellyanne Conway about the Bowling Green massacre.

"Chelsea had that Twitter war with Kellyanne Conway—she’s engaging in the political arena," the News "source" told the paper.

Meanwhile, Kennedy's name is always being thrown around as a potential New Face for the Democratic Party by people who wish we were ruled by unelected royals. She previously dabbled with the idea of being handed a Senate seat when Hillary Clinton's seat opened up in 2009. That seat ultimately went to Gillibrand. (Kennedy most recently served as ambassador to Japan.)

The News notes that last week, Kennedy was asked by Matt Lauer on the Today show if she was thinking of running for office. ("I'm looking around to figure out what I would do next" was her reply.)

The News also notes that several years ago, Chelsea Clinton said she would consider running for office "one day." Great. (Earlier in the fall, The Post claimed Clinton was "being groomed" for Nita Lowey's House seat north of New York City.)

The scary thing is that even assuming the "source" is just someone on the outskirts of the Clinton and Kennedy clans, these people are probably trying to figure out their ways into office.

There's little justice in this world, but perhaps if we pray hard enough the Clintons will have the mercy to retire to the woods and leave us to slowly repair the clusterfuck we've inherited from them.

No more Clintons. (And no more Kennedys, really). There are 20 million people in New York State. Please, God, any of them could do this job.