Exploding Dye Pack 1, Kevin McQuade 0: The NY Times has an interesting story about a serial bank robber—later found to be a suspect in six robberies—who tried robbing a Chase on East 79th on Tuesday. However, "a teller saw Mr. McQuade’s hands and his pants stained by the distinctive red dye from an explosive pack that tellers are trained to slip into a bank robber’s money bag. As Mr. McQuade passed a note to her, the teller hit a silent alarm, the police said, and just before handing over a bag of money she slipped in a dye pack of her own." Then, bank employees followed him out and flagged a patrol car, whose officers arrested McQuade who got dyed again. McQuade allegedly robbed three banks on Monday and his previous notes apparently read, "$7,000, no dye pack, don’t press the alarm and no one will get hurt" and "Gimme all the money, no die pack, no games and no one gets hurt." He was charged with four counts of third-degree robbery and two counts of third-degree attempted robbery.