Last year, a drunk driver fatally struck a livery cab in Astoria, killing the cab driver Bessy Velasquez and passenger Panayiota Demetriou. While driver Daryush Omar pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter (he'll be sentenced this month), Demetriou's family will sue the Queens bar that served Omar. According to the Post, "the suit would be filed under the rarely used Dram Shop Act, which holds establishments civilly liable for serving the visibly drunk." At his court hearing, Omar admitted to drinking at the Cavo Lounge even after he was intoxicated—he was found with a 0.18 blood alcohol level, over twice the legal limit. Demetriou was 30 and a doctoral student in psychology at Pace; her family said, "We are looking for justice. We want to protect other families so they won't go through this."