The lawyer for the off-duty police officer who fatally ran over a Brooklyn woman Saturday night has tried to cast his client in a heroic light by telling the press that he almost saved the woman's life, and even resuscitated her momentarily. But an anonymous "source" tells the Daily News, "That story is a bunch of bull. He barely touched the girl. His hands were almost on her stomach, not her chest. His mouth never even touched her mouth."

Rev. Varius Valnord, the father of victim Vionique Valnord, says officer Andrew Kelly's claim that he desperately tried to save his daughter is "an insult. He's trying to take the blame from himself. He's the one to blame. I forgive him, but the lord will do the right thing." Kelly, who may be asked to testify before a grand jury as early as next week, today passed an apology letter to the Valnord's family.

It's unclear what Kelly wrote in the letter, but Vionique's devastated mother Philoisa tells NY1, "This letter does not give me my daughter back. I don't need it... I don't think there is much he could say that would make me forget my daughter, because she's dead. And she is my only daughter. I loved her so much. I remember her everyday. I hope we get justice."

It's also been reported that one of the officers who first responded to the accident scene has been suspended for allegedly giving Kelly two bottles of water and gum after the crash, ostensibly to cover up his inebriation. Sanford Rubenstein, Valnords' lawyer, tells the News, "This would be another example of police attempting to help cover-up for a fellow officer who may have committed a serious crime. No matter what spin is being attempted, the facts speak for themselves. He was not sober at the time of this tragedy." When Kelly was finally tested for alcohol seven hours later, there was no booze in his blood.