As opponents fight tooth-and-nail to keep Walmart out of New York (some pols are threatening to not sell a plot to Related unless they get written assurances the retailer won't end up there) hundreds of other chains have already plastered the city, a new study from the Center for an Urban Future hammers in. Yes, we knew there were more Subway shops than subway stops in Manhattan (163 stores, 147 stations) but who knew there are now almost as many Dunkin' Donuts in the city as there are stations in the whole system (466 stores, 468 stations)?

Other fun facts to be gleaned from the report:

  • Despite announcing store closings, Starbucks actually added 11 stores in the past year.

  • After adding 10 stores last year McDonald's went and dropped 17 this year. There are now just 241 of the fast food restaurants across town.

  • Though it can be hard to turn around in Manhattan without hitting a Duane Reade, where there are 161 of them, it is much harder to find them in Staten Island, they've only got eight.

  • T-Mobile, with 117 stores, has gone and joined the ranks of companies with more than a hundred stores in the city. Twelve other companies share that honor including Sleepy's, Radio Shack, Baskin-Robbins and GNC.

  • The report only lists retailers, unfortunately leaving out that omnipresent urban blight: banks.

  • The zip code with the most chains in the city is Staten Island's 10314, home of the Staten Island Mall. It is followed up by five zips in Manhattan: the Garment District (10001) takes the lead with 175 chains, the East Village (10003) takes second with 166 and then three Midtown zips fill out the list.

Guess we have to be more careful when we call SoHo an outdoor mall. While that is what it is, as far as number of chains go it doesn't even break Manhattan's top ten!