Last Sunday's killing of a Harlem Dunkin' Donuts manager is still a puzzle. Police felt the MO (silver gun, robbing a fast-food-type establishment) matched that of Otis Cain, a man wanted in 15 robberies, though he had never killed anyone. But Cain surrendered himself, saying he had been watching the Super Bowl in Poughkeepsie. According to AMNew York, the NYPD believes that Cain is the perpetrator as they have two witnesses who claim it's him, but they are still checking out his Poughkeepsie alibi. But the Post has investigator sources that say they aren't sure if it is Cain. WABC 7, who spoke to Otis Cain as he pleaded his innnocence, says a person saw the killer running from the donut shop and that it didn't seem like Cain. Gothamist can only hope that eyewitness also told the police and not just the local news.

In the meantime, the police have charged Cain for a robbery from last summer and are continuing to question him.