2007_01_trumptruck.jpgThe controversial proposal to turn the UPS lot on Spring Street and West Street into a place for 106 Sanitation trucks may align Donald Trump with critics of his planned Trump Soho Hotel. The Donald takes a break from blabbing about ladies of The View and tells the Post, "I don't like trucks, the fumes, the traffic from the standpoint of the community... If the community wanted help, I would certainly help."

Still the Trump Soho would be a five blocks from the lot, which leads Trump to say, "Five blocks in New York City is an eternity." Yeah, but five blocks in terms of views ain't!

But the Friend of Hudson Square president David Reck gives the blue ribbon quote. Referring to the Department of Sanitation's plan to build a refueling station at Canal and West Streets (complete with 30,000 gallons of fuel), Reck says, "It would be a perfect terrorist target that would burn up TriBeCa, Hudson Square and the Holland Tunnel all in one big shot." Totally - especially when you think about the 80,000 gallons of fuel at 60 Hudson Street.