Photograph of Fung Wah bus-dump truck crash by Marla Diamond/WCBS 880

After a dump truck crashed into a Fung Wah bus in Chinatown and killed a pedestrian, it was discovered the truck was unsafe, with a number of brake problems. Now, the president of the truck firm was charged with "unlicensed collection of trade waste," according to the NY Times.

The company, NJ-based C.P.Q. Freight Systems, apparently did not have the "proper registration to pick up construction and demolition debris"--the truck had just picked up a load of debris and was traveling from Brooklyn, across the Manhattan Bridge and onto Canal Street, to head back to NJ. The city's Business Integrity Commission explained C.P.Q. was "allowed to transport waste through New York City; however, they cannot pick any waste up.”

C.P.Q. president Osleivy Gomez was charged with a misdemeanor and released without bail. And if you look at Transportation Alternatives' Crash Stat map, you'll see many incidents of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and fatalities near the Manhattan Bridge on Canal Street.