To the disappointment of DUMBO residents, the City Council has approved zoning that would allow Jehovah's Witness to build its "colony," which is called "Watchtower." According to the Post, the 'hovahs are building:

The huge residential complex will comprise four towers, the tallest 20 stories high, a large, glassed-in welcome center, a dining hall, a church and a 1,110-car underground garage. It will house about 1,600 of the religion's faithful working at the Witnesses' Brooklyn Heights headquarters. There are currently about 3,500 people living in DUMBO.

The complex's design has been compromised over the course of negotiations, and the Jehovah's Witnesses have agreed to renovate parks and upgrade security surveillance at the York Street subway, but DUMBO residents are still upset because the they feel the neighborhood will lose its character. Gothamist wonders if this win for the Witnesses will also encourage other developers to build high-rises along the waterfront. And we scoured the Jehovah's website to see how this could impact life in the Vinegar Hill area:
- Pets may be viewed as less human
- People may be encouraged to stop engaging in phone sex; no word on Internet sex...oh, wait
- Using the pygmies' lives for lessons of our own

And if you're interested in NYC waterfront development, read Waterfront by Philip Lopate, which discusses the past, present, and future of the NYC waterfront.