Lil' Kim films in DUMBOThe bright lights and craft services tables have worn out their welcome in DUMBO. The Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting have put a moratorium on production in the neighborhood. Current productions are allowed to finish. Driven by its "gritty urban realism, old factory buildings and sweeping views of Manhattan and the East River," DUMBO has been the go-to NY location for many production companies, but its popularity brings the conundrum of simultaneously wanting Hollywood money injected into NYC's economy but not wanting the quality of life to diminish with street detours, cranky PAs (who are very nice about letting Gothamist know what's filming), and mobs of people. One crazy instance of DUMBO filming is a car commercial that transformed a street into the desert, but against the Manhattan skyline, needing tons of sand. Gotta love art directors and the clients that buy off on the ideas.

Filming in DUMBO: The Sopranos, Stay (with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts), The Forgotten (with Julianne Moore and Gary Sinise)