Jane Walentas (hitched to developer David Walentas) has been fighting to bring her antique carousel into Empire Fulton Ferry Park, which is currently closed off as it faces a merger with the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. She's happy to pay for the installation, so who doesn't want a free pretty carousel sprucing up area filled with modern day metallic orbs that burn children? The people leaving these flyers around, that's who. Curbed spotted and transcribed the opponent's posted protest, which reads in part:

The Carousel: Boycott this thoughtless project of a rich individual's boredom. In order to install the carousel in the park...

  • A majestic tree will be chopped down
  • Nature all around will be destroyed
  • As will the peace and quiet we've enjoyed
  • No more geese - either chased or terrified by the racket and the crowds

The scaremongerers also note that the presence of the carousel will turn the area into a mini amusement park, attracting junk food, annoying crowds of people, and rats! Carousels, dancing... what will the heathens bring to DUMBO next?