First, DUMBO says no to film and TV crews who want to shoot in the neighborhood. Now the hip/hyped area doesn't want Jehovah's Witnesses living there. According to the Post, Jehovah's Witnesses want to build a 1,000 unit residential buliding at 85 Jay Street, and have applied for city rezoning. DUMBO residents are upset because the building won't have any retail space, though it will look like a castle, have 10 to 14 stories and a underground garage. DUMBO Neighborhood Association President Nancy Webster says, "This huge parcel is going to become the heart of the neighborhood, and we don't want our heart to be a fortress."

The Jehovah's Witnesses argue that they will "bring life, pedestrian activity and security to an area that sorely needs development." Though the Witnesses have been cooperative in discussing development issues, residents also feel they are too insular as they don't "engage in arts festivals" in the 'hood. Realtors, still thinking that DUMBO will really explode (they've been saying this for years), are confident that 2,000 Jehovah's Witnesses will constitute a small percentage of residents.

DUMBO residents' website to stop the rezoning: 85jaystreet.org