It's been just over a year since Mayor Bloomberg made his pitch for extending term limits to three terms and since then, the City Council approved it and the Mayor launched a (pricey) third term re-election bid. With a month to go before the election, the NY Times finds that while New Yorkers like Bloomberg, but many are still sore about term limits.

Bloomberg remains relatively popular with voters, getting about a 70% approval rating. However, only 50% of those polled say they'll vote for him. CUNY poli sci professor John Mollenkopf, who has "informally advised" the Bloomberg campaign, said, "The Bloomberg campaign can’t convince voters to not be upset about this. It won’t work. If you ask New Yorkers what they did not like over the last eight years, term limits is the major negative."

Which is what mayoral challenger City Comptroller Bill Thompson is reminding voters. A Thompson pollster believes that term limits is what has put a "ceiling" on the Mayor's numbers, in spite of his expensive campaign (Bloomberg's campaign says that Thompson is focusing on term limits because he can't match the mayor's record of performance). One Bensonhurst woman said she would vote for Thompson, " I didn’t go to college, but I know right from wrong. This was wrong."