Police are on the hunt for a cross-dressing duo who have allegedly robbed several clothing stores in Manhattan recently. The two men were caught on surveillance camera robbing the A. Turen store on Stanton Street on Thursday afternoon—they stole the two most expensive items in the store, a Chanel backpack and a Chanel purse. “These people are so professional that they know what they’re doing. They cover their tracks,” store owner Ashley Turen told CBS. Check out the surveillance footage below.

NYPD described both men as African-Americans in their mid-40s—one wore a black wig, and the other was wearing a tight-fitting orange dress and gray wig and CBS says he has been compared to Jamie Foxx’s character “Wanda” in the show, In Living Color.

Turen added that several other shops in the neighborhood have been robbed recently, and she thinks it was the same cross-dressing duo. She also said there have been a string of handbag swipings happening at restaurants in that area. We can think of one cop who might be uniquely qualified to track down these thieves.