Narcotics investigators seized more than $800,000 and 61 pounds of cocaine worth nearly $1 million in a Williamsburg apartment yesterday. The drugs were hidden under the seat of a portable sauna, and officials say—wait, portable sauna?! Is that really a thing? Turns out yes, it is! It's also one of the last places anyone would want to "chill" while ripping rails, so the suspects probably figured nobody would ever think to look in there for cocaine. Oh well.

The big stash was found in an apartment above defunct Laila Lounge on North Seventh Street. Building super Johanny Olmedo, 51, and his girlfriend, Christine Ladeveze, 48, reside there, the Daily News reports. Investigators tell Brooklyn Paper that on Wednesday, state troopers allegedly spotted another man, Ronald Lugo, exiting the apartment carrying two boxes to his car. He was pulled over on the Bronx side of Triboro Bridge, and 10 kilos of cocaine were found in the boxes. Investigators then obtained a search warrant to search the apartment yesterday. The three face up to 20 years in prison if convicted, and ugh everyone's going to be so boring this weekend.