As of midnight, TV stations made the switch to DTV. WABC 7 said it started its transition at 12:30 p.m. yesterday, "Many people calling WABC-TV on Friday needed to rescan their converter boxes or had antenna. In some cases, the fix was as simple as moving or expanding the antenna. In other cases, a new antenna was need." (The FCC says to make sure all channels are rescanned.) In Baltimore, one station's programming director said, "One person called in, and it turned out she hadn't turned her converter box on." While those with cable or satellite connections are fine, it's estimated that 1 million people are unprepared for the switch. Cincinnati's Freestore Foodbank gave away free converter boxes; one man who waited over four hours but was told they ran out spoke to the AP, "I'm on disability, and I can't really afford to buy one. I can't get anything on my TV now, so I guess I'll have to go to friends' houses if I want to watch anything." The FCC's DTV site is here; here's the converter box troubleshooting guide.