Dominique-Strauss Kahn's accuser, Nafissatou Diallo, will meet with Manhattan prosecutors on Monday afternoon for what her attorney describes as a conference "to announce that they're dismissing the case entirely, or some of the charges." Diallo's attorney, Kenneth Thompson, who has been waging a media campaign with his client to pressure Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance to move forward with the sexual assault case, tells the Times, "If they were not going to dismiss the charges, there could be no need to meet with her." Strauss-Kahn is due in court on Tuesday.

The letter, written by an assistant DA, claims the meeting is to explain to Diallo "what I anticipate will occur in court on the following day," but Thompson tells the Daily News it's a manifestation of how Diallo's case has been bungled. "I believe the harsh tone of th elector is consistent with the unfair way the Manhattan district attorney's office has treated Ms. Diallo throughout this process."

Recently there have been reports that Diallo has sought a financial settlement with Strauss-Kahn's lawyers, and her credibility appears to have been permanently shattered by allegations that she was a prostitute, associated with criminals and planned to extract money from Strauss-Kahn all along. Diallo currently has a civil suit pending against Strauss-Kahn for the alleged sexual assault in his Sofitel suite in May.

Regardless of what happened on Tuesday, analysts say the case may make it more difficult for Vance to run again in 2013. "A far more experienced DA might not have taken such a public position," a John Jay criminal justice professor says, "You want this not to be your defining issue."