Back in mid-May of 2011, in a time before Cronuts and even crotch shots from Congressmen, we had the head of the International Monetary Fund hauled off a plane at JFK Airport because he was accused of raping a hotel housekeeper. The rape case crumbled in the months to come, but we were left with the indelible image of DSK being perp-walked in East Harlem. And DSK is still pissed about it!

Strauss-Khan told CNN's Richard Quest (no stranger to kinky arrest details) that the perp-walk, which was giddily covered by the tabloids, was the "most terrible thing."

"Not only because it’s difficult to live; there are many things which are difficult to live with. The problem is it’s a moment where in all European, American society you suppose to be innocent, you suppose to be innocent and feel you’re convicted. And the perp-walk takes place at the moment where you suppose to be innocent. And so what happens is you just show to everybody as if you were a criminal, at the moment no one knows whether it’s true or not. Maybe you’re a criminal, maybe you’re not. And then you prove later on that it is just unfair to show people in that way to the rest of the world when you just don’t know what they have done."

The NY Post, though, wants to burst DSK's bubble of martyrdom, reporting that when cops arrested him "he looked like an international drug kingpin with a moneybelt stuffed with cash."

A source said, "He was wearing a money belt around his waist with stacks of foreign currency in different denominations. He also had stacks of foreign currency in his pants pocket." While the source couldn't give a dollar figure, he/she said, "The guy was oozing money. He was living large."