In addition to being hot, this July has also been pretty dry. So far only half the normal rainfall has fallen in Central Park. Perhaps the lack of precipitation explains why we've seen almost literal panic in the streets a couple of times when it has started raining recently. There's no meteorological reason for panic today. High pressure is approaching from the west and that means a dry northwesterly breeze, sunny skies, and a near-normal high around 84 degrees.

Temperature and humidity will begin to rise tomorrow as, unlike last week, this is a swift moving air mass. A warm front late tomorrow and a cold front on early on Saturday will bring a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. Some of those showers, especially on Friday, could produce lots of rain. Highs both days will be in the upper 80s to near 90 range.

Behind the cold front another cycle of hot, dry weather followed by hot and humid weather will begin. Saturday is looking like a low 90s, but pleasant, day. Sunday is expected to be a couple of degrees cooler but a whole lot stickier.