Thanks to a high pressure system the weather will be unveventful for this afternoon's game at Yankee Stadium. The temperature should be around 60 degrees when the Hilltoppers take the field against the dreaded Rangers. Low clouds will move in as the game progresses but that's a plus as the clouds will slow down the evening cooling.

Will it rain tomorrow? Your guess seems to be as good as the pro's. It barely rates a mention in AccuWeather's forecast. The Weather Channel gives it a 40 percent chance. The Weather Service makes a convincing argument that it will rain their forecast discussion but the actual forecast says 30 percent chance. The rain, if any, will be of the scattered shower variety, with a chance of a thunderstorm mixed in. The NWS says there might be small hail but we think they're just spooked from missing the recent hailstorm. Thursday's high should be in the low 60s.

Everyone agrees that Friday is going to be brisk. The cold front that passes through tomorrow night will live up to its name. Friday's high will be in the mid 50s and it will be breezy. That breeze may kick off the first lake effect snows of the season upstate. Warmer weather is expected on Saturday.