nws_rh0330.jpgIt didn't feel like it, but yesterday was warmer than normal. The wind and ultra-dry air put a chill on the day, but the low of 38 was exactly normal and the high of 57 was three degrees greater than average. The winds have died down a bit today, which has allowed for a bit more warming.

The air mass upon us is incredibly parched. There's a sixty degree difference between the air and dew point temperatures this afternoon. That difference is not all that uncommon in the interior West or on the High Plains, but that level of dryness probably only happens once or twice a year around these parts. Much like last night once the sun goes down the temperatures are going to plummet. It'll be in the mid-30s by daybreak.

March goes out like a lamb as another sunny day is on tap for tomorrow as the high pressure system over us holds off the intense storm that's been pounding the Midwest. Tomorrow's high won't quite get to 60. Sunday should start off with clear skies, but showers will become more likely as the day progresses. The best chance of rain will be after sunset. Rain may linger into Monday, but the first part of next week looks to be pleasant.

This afternoon's relative humidity map from the National Weather Service.