Florida native Peter Wolfman was charged with driving while intoxicated and refusing to take a breathalyzer test after pulling a U-turn and pinning 17-year-old Emily Sexton against a wall on City Island yesterday. Sexton and a few friends were standing at a bus stop on City Island Avenue when Wolfman turned around and headed for them. 15-year-old Blake Cottam, who was standing with the group, told ABC 7, "He went to go make a U-turn, didn't complete the turn and went straight at us, he went faster and faster. I thought he was going to joking with us, three kids, speed up and then slow down. I moved back just in case and then he didn't stop and I know it would be bad from there."

Sexton was pinned against the wall as her boyfriend and friend looked on. Witnesses say Wolfman emerged from the car and immediately collapsed after the crash. A nearby friend rushed to the scene, where he said, "She wanted to know where everyone was at, where her father was, wanted some friends, but she was talking." Sexton is in critical condition at Jacobi Medical Hospital with injured lungs, spleen and liver, a shattered pelvis, legs and arm. Her brother told the Daily News, "She's out of danger now, but [Saturday] night she was critical because her pelvis was destroyed."

The Post says Wolfman had been hanging out at a pizzeria with his girlfriend before the crash, but other witnesses say they saw him stumbling out of a bar. He broke three leg bones in the crash. Investigators requested a court order to administer a blood alcohol test, but the results are not available yet.