2005_08_bronxcrash.jpgA 4 year old boy was killed when a delivery truck crashed into him, his mother and a friend in the Bronx yesterday aftenoon. And the produce truck, which regularly made deliveries to local markets and bodegas, wasn't even driven by the driver - it was taken over by the driver's reportedly drunken friend! Little Saquan Williams was crossing Mount Eden Avenue with his mother and her friend when Freddy Rodriguez may have mistaken the accelerator for the brake and ran a red light, hit the three, and then crashed into five cars. The truck's owner, Francisco Rios, told reporters that he thought maybe the truck had rolled down the street and that's why Rodriguez had gotten in to stop it, but police say that Rodriguez just wanted to mess with Rios and make him think it was stolen by driving it around the block. Williams' mother, Tasha Gibbs, and her friend, Giselle Buie, suffered serious injuries; Rodrieguez was charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated.

Photograph by Newsday