How does Santa Claus get down all those chimneys every Christmas? It probably helps that (SPOILER ALERT) he isn't real, so he doesn't actually slide down a chimney. Nevertheless, some drunken partygoers in Manhattan tried to take a page out of Santa's book and slide down a chimney to get off a roof, according to the NY Post. The effort, surprisingly, failed.

Fire department officials told the Post that after watching the sunrise on the roof of 17 Allen Street, an unidentified man and a woman decided the best way to get down to their host's apartment was by way of the chimney. However, they only made it a few feet before getting stuck, requiring firefighters to bust through the wall of Bob Marley memorabilia shop House of Marley in order to rescue them.

Officials did not confirm whether the two were merely drunk and looking for a shortcut or drunk, looking for a shortcut and inspired by the reedy tones of Colin Meloy and The Decemberists' "Chimbley Sweep." The unnamed woman came away with some bruises, while the man was taken to New York Presbyterian with minor injuries including, probably, a pretty bruised ego.