Grisly! A totally crazy video of a Midtown fight is on Live Leak. The person who posted it wrote:

I was sleeping in my hotel room when people screaming in the street woke me up. It was around 5:30 AM, two groups of drunk peoples were fighting in the street. The guy with the white escalade run over a guy on the ground and run away ! I gave the video to the police. However the guy that have been run over has his hips dislocated and his knees broken.
Date : Sunday Feb. 3rd / Location : Lexington and E 48th, Manhattan

The video is pretty nuts. We've put in a call to the NYPD to see if an investigation was opened.

Update: The NYPD's public information office called us back. The 17th Precinct has seen the video and is investigating the matter. No more information could be released, lest it jeopardize the case.

[Via reader Christopher]