Photo by Rachel Pincus

You know what's extra cute when you are totally wasted: PUPPIES & KITTENS!!!!!! And here in New York City, you can extend happy hour into a lifetime of happiness with a new furry friend... or at least, you used to be able to until pet stores started cracking down on adopting while intoxicated.

Le Petite Puppy on Christopher Street has now instituted a rule that inebriated customers aren't even allowed near their precious merchandise. Manager Fernanda Moritz told DNA Info that potential customers aren't allowed to hold the pups if they've been putting some back, nevermind take them home. Another shop in the area, Citipups, also forbids drunken doggie purchases; they were burned years ago when they sold a Chihuahua to a tipsy girl, only to have the dog returned the next day with pills in his stomach and "in a near-dead state"!

Next time you are drunk, just pick up a stray on the street and say no to puppy mills!