2007_01_kennedyfriedchicken.jpgSome new details about why an angry Kennedy Fried Chicken owner burned down his neighbor-turned-competitor's store in the Bronx. The owner-arsonist, Kabeer Ahmad, says he was drunk. Shocking! The court documents have Ahmad stating, "I went out drinking last night [New Year's Eve] and after I got drunk I went to the store at 870 Hunts Point Avenue about 3 a.m. and told the customers and employees that the store was closing and that everyone must leave." From the Daily News:

After everyone left, Ahmad said he punched a hole through the wall and used a "spray bottle filled with gas to spray gas through that hole and into Twin Donuts," according to the court documents.

Ahmad said he threw a lit match into Twin Donuts, according to the court documents. Then he locked the door of Kennedy Fried Chicken and drove home.

And when Ahmad drove back, it was "too late to stop the fire" - the FDNY was already there.

The Twin Donuts that Ahmad set fire to was operated by new owner Mike Chor, who said he was selling cheaper fried chicken as a grand opening special. But apparently there was some sort of no-competition clause in the lease that prevents Twin Donuts from selling fried chicken! We await Law & Order: Arson and Poultry Crimes Division.

Photograph from Satan's Laundromat, which had an extensive look of Kennedy Fried Chickens in the area