A self-described body model is suing a Wall Street trader claiming that he drunkenly beat her up for refusing to drive him home. Sahara Walsh, 29, claims that 46-year-old Quintano Downes attacked her just before 4 a.m. on April 28th. “Apparently intoxicated, [he] jumped into the back seat of the vehicle with an open plate of food,” the lawsuit states, and when Walsh refused, Downes allegedly “started to punch [her] with a closed fist, dragged her out of the car by her hair and continued to stomp [her]."

According to the suit, Walsh did not know Downes, a director at the financial firm Kipling Jones & Co. He then “ripped [her] blouse off exposing her breast to the public and continued to drag [her] causing her to lose her shoes.” A witness told the Manhattan district attorney's office that they saw Downes pummel Walsh's "face with a closed fist, and kicked her about her body, causing bleeding and laceration to her face, legs, and arms."

“This hedge fund guy is pretty intoxicated, when they tell him to get out of the car he just turned on Walsh, pulled her out of the car and continued hitting her until the police responded,” Walsh's attorney Edgar De Leon told the Post. Walsh is suing Downes for $100K, saying her injuries caused her to lose modeling work; he is also facing harassment and assault charges in the incident.