Some new details have emerged in the unusual urinary in-air incident involving a drunk teen skier and an unwitting 12-year-old girl. Okay, there's only one new detail about Robert "Sandy" Vietze's alleged pissing-while-in-a-passenger row on a JetBlue flight bound for JFK, but it's a big one: The girl's dad says she wasn't peed upon.

The folklore of the story is that Vietze, 18, got drunk on the Tuesday night flight from Portland, Oregon and later wandered over to where a sleeping tween was sitting and urinated on her, only for the girl's father to return from the lavatory and freak out at Vietze. It turns out that Vietze had at least five beers and two rum-and-Cokes before getting to the airport and now, the girl's family has released a statement through a lawyer, which the Oregonian published, "While family members have cooperated with authorities in the investigation, they neither welcome nor encourage further publicity. The family's main concern is the welfare of their daughter."

Vietze, a competitive skier, was kicked off the U.S.'s Alpine skiing development team after the incident. He faces a federal public indecency charge, which carries up to a year in prison if convicted.