As if it weren't hot enough this week, somebody decided to set multiple fires in a midtown hotel in the early hours of the morning. Norwegian tourist Tore Brox, 29, has been accused of igniting fires on the 20th floor of the New Yorker Hotel on Eighth Avenue near W. 34th Street around 4:50 a.m. Tuesday. And wouldn't you know it: he was reportedly drunk at the time.

According to the dailies, Brox got into altercations with other guests at the hotel earlier that evening. He allegedly torched a housekeeping cart on the west wing hallway, and a stairwell on the east wing of the 20th floor.

He was initially taken to Bellevue Hospital for minor smoke inhalation, but he busted out of there. Police eventually determined he was the suspect, and tracked him down later that day at the hotel. Brox has been charged with two counts each of arson and reckless endangerment.