Sacre bleu! Is this the start of an unseemly new trend? French actor Gerard Depardieu hopped on the "drunkenly peeing on a plane in public" bandwagon last night, allegedly relieving himself on the carpet of a City Jet flight from Paris to Dublin.

According to an eyewitness on the plane, the 62-year-old Depardieu appeared visibly drunk and tried to get up before take-off, telling a stewardess "Je veux pisser" repeatedly. The stewardess told Depardieu that he would have to wait 15 minutes until the "fasten seatbelt" sign went off, at which point Depardieu, "with courtesy," stood up and peed on the floor. "We could see he had been drinking. The stewardess was dumbfounded. No-one said anything," reported the passenger. After the performance, Depardieu sat back down, and the plane returned to its gate, where the airport crew spent two hours cleaning up the mess.

Depardieu is no stranger to headline-grabbing antics: the actor, who also owns a vineyard, was convicted of drunk driving in 1990, and in 2009 he beat up a parked car outside of a swinger's club in Paris. A City Jet spokesperson said. "I will only confirm that he, in effect, urinated in the plane," but did not say whether the actor was removed from the plane.